D’Pond: Don’t Teach A Man To Fish, He’s Old Enough. He Can Do It On His Own

Snicker at the blog title.
Oh, fishthat you??

My family’s always been the pretty adventurous and outdoor loving kind. I lost my Chinese yellow when I moved to Cebu because they trained me to be a sun child at a very young age.
Aside from this, we’ve always had this fetish towards fishing.  In fact, a few months ago, we traveled down south in hopes of finding a new place to release our inner cavemen but ended up disappointed.
Since then, I made a vow to find a new place to fish and luckily, I did! And just in time for Mother’s day, too! So on that special day, I took my family (but mom still ended up paying for it. hehe) to a pretty little getaway in Yati, Liloan called D’Pond. I first found out about it when Paolo took me there because he knew how bad I wanted to fish. And since then, it’s been my favorite place to experience the great outdoors and you know, practice manual labor of having to catch my own food.


Can you imagine that we caught this much fish in less than 2 hours?? That’s what I call fisting daghana! (okaaay, enough of the fish jokes!)
What we loved so much about D’Pond (aside from the FREE WIFI) was how big the area which gave fishers a fair chance at catching their meals. This, and the fact that those fish were HUNGRY. We were literally flooded with fish!
After fishing, you can opt to either take home the fish or have it cooked there for Php 200+/ kilo depending on whether you catch Tilapias/ Langkeyas or Bangus. We caught  Bangus that day which cost us Php 241/ kilo + Php 99 for the cooking fee.
Their cooking is really good (take it from someone who hates fish) and you can choose to have it fried, sugba, tinola, sinigang or kilawed.
And in case you opt not to eat fish hanggang sawa, you can choose from a wide variety of other food like BLUEBERRY PANCAKES!
Plus, they don’t charge corkage either. Just in case you’d like to bring a few chips to munch on. Or lechon. Lechooon :p~
And in case fishing isn’t your thing, you can try boat riding, zip lining and other activities you can do ‘til your heart’s content.
So basically here’s what we spent for:
–          Cottage – P300.00
–          Fish – P 241/ kilo
–          Cooking Fee – P 99.00
          Drinks – 59.00
–          Rice – P20.00
          Fishing rods – FREE
–          Bait – FREE
Here’s what I wore:
Top: Men’s DIYed polo shirt| Shorts: BNY| Silver Flats: Old Navy| Headband: Goody
[introducing my weird kiat smile and un made up face!]
I was very smart about wearing white to go fishing. Oh well, I’m allowed to make a lot (some) of fashion mistakes.
Accessories: From my childhood friend in Canada, Rejoyce (Love you Joyce! Thank you :*) | Belt: Aizilym
For more information, you can contact D’Pond at for reservations and directions here:
+639184782473 / 09333369386 

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