Dressing Up For The Not So Grown Up

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 Style My Bump! Just kidding, I’m not pregnant, my belly is just bigger than it usually is and I thought I’d call it out before any of you skinny b*tches did it first. (Channeling my inner Fat Amy) 😉

Peace and love to everyone in the world! tralalalalaaaaa

I have such a hard time dressing up especially when it’s for formal occasions and especially when it comes to work! My days working in Accenture were probably the worst fashion-wise, because I was still having a hard time deciphering whether I wanted to dress like a kid or an adult. Hence, a bunch of weird throwback photos of me in what I liked to believe was “office wear”.

But now, at the refined age of 2_, I’m slowly beginning to learn that you can mix style and youth with business! So here are a few tips of when trying to dress up without looking too grown up:

1: White out. White is always my go to color when I want to add a bit of formality and sophistication to my look. I usually prefer chiffon white tops because it also adds a light touch of daintiness while letting my clients know that I mean business but I’m still a woman so treat me like one!

2. Meet halfway. This is particularly meant for the length of skirts. I love a micro mini as much as the next girl but in business, you want to leave enough for the imagination and let your mouth do the talking for you (especially if you’re trying to close a good deal!). I prefer my skirts either full length or mid length either an inch above my knees or below it.

3. Bling ENOUGH. I for one am not a huge accessory girl which I find very convenient since sometimes when meeting clients, too much accessories can be such an eye sore. Stick to the essentials: a pair of earrings, a nice necklace (chunky is OK) and a watch. Leave your piles of bangles and necklaces for a night out with girls. We need you to look classy.

4. Comb Your Hair. Take my word for it (although I can never remember to comb mine!). Professionals should look kept so pull your look together not just through your clothes but with your overall look.

5. Be subtle with your color pops. It’s important that your look seems put together and well thought of without looking like you tried too hard. With color pops, it’s best to pick something that pops but isn’t too distracting for the eye. Also, please do not let your color pop be your color or underwear! In this look, I chose to wear these lemon colored boat shoes because they look classy but the colors is bright and youthful without being too much of an eye sore.

6. Have An Alternative. I’m a whopping 4’11” and I look absolutely horrible in denim jeans and flats. So unless you’re willing to lug yourself in jeans and heels the whole day then you might want to think of an alternative for that. Mine are black colored leggings (but please remember the leggings rule: it should cover your crotch!) or loose drawstring pants that kind of look like pajama’s. Fine, the second choice probably isn’t so efficient but it’s definitely better than the whole world noticing how short and chunky your legs are!

Take a shopping day off, even if you don’t intend to buy anything. Just try on a bunch of clothes so you get a better idea of what suits you or not. You’ll be so happy that you got to know your body more and it is always useful for future reference plus shopping is so much fun! 🙂

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 Top & Bottom: Local Department Store find| Shoes: People Footwear




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