Happy Easter, Everyone! I hope you are all out somewhere enjoying Sunday lunch and egg hunting with your families or out with friends soaking up the sun or… reading this blog. (Thanks for being here, by the way!)

I wish the holidays wouldn’t come to an end cuz I am definitely having too much fun doing nothing except sit in front of the computer, work out, take long drives and eat all while spending time with the people who mean the most to me.

And for many like me who don’t want to go back to work or Monday, here’s a quick outfit that could easily trick your brain into thinking you’re still on Summer vacation while still maintaining the corporate/ semi- formal feel.

Long, flowing skirts always send out a “i’m-off-to-the-beach” feel and a “i-mean-business” vibe at the same time which is why it’s always my go to garment when attending events when I’m not soo sure of the dress code.

I wore this outfit to the Summer Polish Party held by Beauty and Butter last month and it made me feel like I was spot on with what’s trendy and sophisticated at the same time plus, I wore this to a client meeting right after and they seemed to like what I was wearing. Except I heard a couple of smirks from a couple receptionists that went something like “pffft… I used to have a body like that.” *eye roll* okaaaaay.

So a word of advice to all my wonderful readers: if in doubt, go for a long skirt! Take control of the liberty to dress it up by adding heavy jewelry and some dark make up or play it fun and laid back with a crop top or basic tee. The possibilities are endless for as long as you feel good about yourself and confidence will surely follow. 😉

Still the best manicure I’ve ever gotten!

Cross ring: Aizilym


Crop top: Forever 21

Skirt: Citi Wear

A big, bad shout out to Rabsin De la Cruz of www.finlust.blogspot.com for these wonderful photos!

I love you! You make me feel pretty <3 hihi

Happy Easter, Everyone! Keep it holy!



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