English Roses

There’s just something about the color black that is soo irresistible. And I know almost everyone’s fashion resolutions are to wear more color in their wardrobes but I’m just not in that place right now… Black is essential and so is having a formal black dress!

I don’t own a LBD (little black dress) mostly because I’d never really have anywhere to wear it. But when you’re 23 and attending client meetings on a weekly basis, the cut, the material and the style of this dress will do you wonders! I totally look young, fashionable but mostly professional, right? Right?

That days random read: The English Roses – Big Sister Blues by Madonna

Currently Reading: The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

So you guys, I’ve realized that I’ve gotten really impersonal on my blog which really is a shame but I have a perfectly good reason (excuse) for it so, please hear me out! I’ve recently started working for our family business and you know what they say, there is nothing harder than having to work for your family. (Yes, I can attest to this) And in the 4 months that I’ve been working there, I’ve definitely learned a lot and not just in the business of apparel and accessories but also in the business of taking care  and marketing yourself.

The most part of my job (after paper works, work planning, etc.) involves having to meet clients which is where the “omg-omg-omg-what-do-I-wear-to-this-meeting” bipolar side of me comes out. But the best part about working with family is that they are always there to guide and advise you especially when it comes to my biggest concern: fashion. This may be a bit superficial to some of you but sorry folks sometimes looks do matter especially when wanting to make a good impression.

So here are my and my mother’s advice when dressing up to meet clients:

1. Be neat.

It’s all about presentation. We always want to present our best selves and I think, the best side we can show is our clean side. This is equivalent to well kept nails, combed hair (which I obviously do now) and washed; cleaned and pressed clothing.

2. Don’t be flashy.

Less is more, I keep hearing my mom say this. Less is more. Dressing down doesn’t necessarily mean not looking your best. Sometimes a simple necklace and a nice watch are all the accessories you need. And of course, a big smile that says “I’d be glad to work with you” and not “I can’t wait to take your money.” I’m not funny, I know.

3. You can mix comfort, style and professionalism.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to suffer to look good. If there’s anything I’ve learned, clients are totally fine when you show up to meetings in flats instead of heels. That shit only happens in the movies… or if you’re absurdly rich.

4. Be classy.

Take off your extra earrings, don’t wear that loose crop top and DON’T wear your tye dyed studded shorts.

 You’re a grown up now. Nobody wants to work with a teenager who obviously doesn’t take herself seriously.

[Dress: Forever21| Heels: Parisian]

Sooo… what do you think about my new approach to blogging?

‘Til my next post!


Issa Perez

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  1. I miss you writing like this! And well, well, well, someone’s a lady now! I miss you, love! Keep up the lovely posts! At least this is where I can check up on you if I don’t get to see you at all anymore. 😉

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