ex boyfriends are off limits

i hate mondays and i hate tuesdays and i hate everything that ends with the word day. lmao

anyways, yeah, i’ve been having very bad days.i forgot my homework. my g-tec got broken, etc. etc. i forgot the rest but i know that monday sucked. oh yeah, i failed my math seatwork for the second time 🙁 so i thought, hey, maybe i should get a tutor, just for math, and lisley goes and tells me that juvelyn can do home service.. what a good idea – NOT! thankyou, lisley. and cuz of that BRIGHT idea, my whole day was MORE ruined. hahai. i swear, i’m jinxed again. God, what did i do THIS time?

but, i’m over it now. yeah, i am.

we had a cool demonstration for chemistry anyways so, i’m good. lmao

i have nothing to say anymore. 😐

and yes, ex boyfriends are off limits. people, remember that.

today, i wrote :

math – i fear you the most. but at least i tried.
english – baby, do i make you jealous?
and you make me happy and then again yoi make the whole world crumble. uhm, issa? what? roar.
would yoiu rather love the one yoiu love who doesn’t love you? or the one who does but you don’t?

play with me…

completely taken forgranted.

some disaster in a fresh new coma. wasn’t wpth it when it was over.

i’m just another highschool drama queen, i speak ENHLISH, BISAYA, TAGALOG and fluent CHEERLEADER [dili ing- er] i wake up, obsess about my weight, suffer from acne and i have a broken heart. [i do?hmm. no idon’tt] GOT STRING?

what did you do to her last night? take me home, please.

+ and the wrold has gona crazy. i think i’ve changed, they say i’m still te same. i try to loose weight and mom goes and says i’m gainning some. wtfrik. god!

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