I could write a book about us

and fill it up with beautiful stories of us that will never come true

Of adventures and dreams and words, lots of beautiful words

that I will never have the chance to tell you


I could write a million stories of us

in a million different worlds, in a million different times

in a million different languages…

but you are not mine. as much as I am not yours


So maybe I will write that story

So I can have something to remember you by

Maybe I will write epic novels and fictional stories about us

And maybe in my head they can be something real



… i’m sorry

2 Replies to “Fairytales”

  1. It really doesn’t have to be a fairytale. There will always be somewhere out there who will be the right person – one will do all the rights, all the things you ever dreamed about. Never give up on anything – your life, your dreams, your heart, your heart. Keep on believing. Live life to the fullest.

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