Fauxy Leather




 May the only thing that is fake in your life be leather and fur.

Issaplease, 2014

OK so HI EVERYONE, I am totally still alive!




Lately my life has just been so crazily blessed that I haven’t really had time to blog or do anything blog related (which includes events/ photo shoots/ etc) and I am so sorry about that!

I’ve recently switched careers or more like, added another career to my life, moved out and just wrapped up a big event which I will be blogging about in the near future- heads up to all aspiring event organizers out there! It’s officially dawned on me that I’m too fickle minded to just stick to one job as of the moment so I’m just going to do EVERYTHING while I still can and I’ve just been so happy since I made that decision for myself.

FYI, you’re going to see a lot more of this white wall and rack while I’m still tripod-less and photographer-less. Unfortunately, dearest yaya couldn’t come with me in this exciting new chapter of my life. 🙁



So as colorful as my life has been apparently, so have been my clothing choices! 😀

I was recently gifted this amazing faux leather skirt from Let’s Stylize and with the weather we’ve been having lately- leather definitely wouldn’t hurt anyone!

Because of the playful hue of this skirt, I was able to woman it up a bit by pairing it with this colorful top and of course,my big floppy hat to make it seem more me.

Usually when you see leather, biker chick’s immediately come to mind but I wouldn’t say the same for this look.

10822451_743924465702270_634804750_n Let’s Stylize


Hat: Topshop| Dress used as top: July| Leather skirt: Let’s Stylize| Heels: Zalora



P.S. The power box on the side of my photos will eventually grow on you. It did on me. 🙂



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