[FEATURE] Passionpreneur with Issa Perez by Passion Cafe TV

Be inspired by Vlogger, Blogger, Writer, Podcaster, Resident Rich Girl of Cebu – IssaPlease I #PassionPreneur Ep 34

On today's episode, let us take a peek at how a #real influencer – Issaplease that is based in Cebu makes a living through Social media, word of mouth, and the online world.Honestly, we are shocked at how systematic, organize, and dynamic IssaPlease is as a #PassionPreneur. She plans her content really well and her creativity is so natural that it's almost effortless. More importantly, we invite you to open your eyes to this "new world". Where the new stars are the vloggers, wherein there is no limit to income, content, strategies, and even topics you can talk about.#certified #passionpreneur #richgirlofcebu #vlogger #fashionicon #blogger #podcaster

Posted by Passion Cafe TV on Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Thank you so much for having me, Passion Cafe TV! <3

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