Feeling Boheme ft. Sammy Dress


 An instant trick to make any person look a little bit taller than they actually are is by putting on a full length dress. It makes you look taller, you look daintier and with the right garment choice; it can be the most comfortable thing you can ever wear.

I got this and my fringe skirt from Sammy Dress and although I do love both pieces, I assumed I was still a small and I ended up getting a size smaller for the dress. So guys, READ the description all.the.time. I’m pretty sure I could send it back but I’m gonna try and loose the excess weight instead. 😉 😉 😉


468c46df-3d10-41dc-964c-42ba6a98959e   Head dress: Reblog shop| Maxi Dress: Sammy Dress (Check out more of their collection here)| Bra: Triumphba7534d7-de50-4990-ad12-356e48313f52

Photography by: Benj Montgomery

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