Find Your L[he]ight



I recently did an interview and quick shoot with Stephen Suico, after putting it off for a good couple of years.  He asked me a lot of interesting questions that I enjoy being asked as a blogger such as: “Why do you think people blog?” and “what makes a good blogger?”

It took me a while to actually get on board to doing a shoot because I was not sure which direction I was headed towards as a blogger. I didn’t know if I wanted this to be a personal style diary of if I wanted to add a more commercial edge to it- I think my indecisiveness hindered my growth for a while, to be completely honest with everyone.

In the end, I decided that I wanted to create a personal blog that I could be proud of and what made me proud was having good content and quality photos. As soon as I decided this, it made it easier for me to grow as a blogger and to create entries that reflected who I am.



It is so easy to get consumed into something that you love doing. Sometimes, when you’re finally getting to that point that you’ve been waiting for for a long time, it gets overwhelming, the pressure increases and then it stops being kind of fun.  I cannot tell you how many times I’ve wanted to throw in the towel and just go back to a “normal” life.

So now when I feel like there’s just too much pressure from the real and online world like, having to dress up when I don’t feel like it or being pressured to up my Instagram game when all I want to do is post whatever I want as I please, I just stop for a while and I try to find my light. Or as this title suggests, my height.

I give myself a break and try to rid myself from the pressure.  I’ll blog when I feel like it or I’ll go back to blogging on Issatalks and when I’m ready to re-enter this wonderful world of glitz and glamour, then at least I’ve remembered why I’m doing it and why I refuse to stop.



So I’m dedicating this post to everyone who’s even been through a moment of uncertainty in their lives whether you’re a blogger, an employee, a businessman or a student. WE ALL GO THROUGH IT! We just need to find the things that make us get up in the morning and say, “I got this!”

For me it’s being able to share wonderful stories and experiences with all of you and knowing that you like it when I get emotional and real. It’s being able to create something out of the one thing I’ve been so passionate about my entire life and sharing it with everyone.  It’s hearing that you guys love what I do which makes me feel like all my efforts have not gone to waste. It’s a million and one reasons that I sometimes forget but it’s never too hard to remember. I hope you remember your one million and one reasons, too.




[Zara Blazer: Planet Exchange| Mint top: Pink Lemonade (@pinklemonstore on Instagram)| Skirt: Style HavenHeels: Zalora]



Photography: Stephen Suico

Check out his portfolio, he’s amazing and he is so awesome to work with! 🙂



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