Geometry Rules!


If you must know, I absolutely suck at math. I can’t calculate to save my life and fractions scare the living day lights out of me.

But if there’s one branch of mathematics I can at least try to give justice to, it’s Geometry. No, not on the pen and paper type (I also suck at that)… but with shapes on my clothes!

I don’t mean to love thy own but I really enjoyed how I mixed different types of shapes in one look. Sometimes I surprise myself.HAHA




The first time I wore this top was a year ago when I was still working in Accenture. I never had a problem wearing it then because I could cover myself in a jacket and not have to worry about showing off my bra straps or my bandeau. However this time around, I wanted to be a little bit more adventurous and show off some skin. My 2 friends that helped me pull of this look? Nipple patches.

I’ll be honest, I’m not jumping up and down thinking about them but they actually do wonders and they make outfits look a lot more put together. I’m not one to bash because I’ve had my fair share of inappropriate bra strap showing  but if you haven’t invested in your own pair, I think it’s about time.



What else can I say? It’s still hot in Cebu so my backwards cap is totes appropes and… I have a new maid/ photographer since my assistant STILL refuses to do my outfit shots. “For office work only” psssh.

Leather cap: Gaisano Tabunok

Top: Mango

Origami skirt: Online find



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