Gibbs’ Hot Wings Newest Item: Chick N’ Fries


Consider me as one of Gibbs’ Hot Wings’s biggest fans (but I’m not a snob to other chicken wings places either! #justtomakeitclear) so every time they releases a item on their menu, I’m always on board and willing to give it a try especially if it’s in their famous Angel wing’s sauce!

One of the newest offerings on their menu is the Chick n’ Fries which¬†are french fries topped with boneless chicken wings. For someone like me who doesn’t enjoy eating with their hands or de-boning anything, I think that it this perfect. Plus, who doesn’t love a good spud?

At P 238.00, these Chick N’ Fries are also available in the different sauces that Gibbs’ has been known and loved for. Whether you love your chicken spicy or you’re a little on the soft side like me, there’s definitely something for everyone there to enjoy!




Gibbs’ Hot Wings is located at the second floor of The Streetscape, Banilad.

For reservations contact 0949 376 7220

For updates and promos follow them on Facebook


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