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Lately I’ve been consumed by the craft bug. Although I’ve always been into sketching, painting and the like, a whole new world of arts and crafts have taken complete control of my life and it is so much fun!

I’ve recently opened an online store, Looms By Issa where I can give all my loom babies a better home and lately I’ve been fairly addicted to doing nail art.

Here are a few of my most recent work:




I know I’m not the best at it but it’s really a learning process so I’ve used the past few week to learn and practice on myself and on my friends. It’s been really fun!

My personal favorite place to get all my manicure and manicure needs has been Girlstuff which is located at the Second Floor of Ayala Center, Cebu.

It’s a cute little stall which is filled with lots of beautifully colored manicure, brushes, tools and decals!

Girlstuff Nail Polish Bar is an affordable 5-free polish. 5 free meaning, free from 5 harmful chemicals that are usually found in nail polish such as: Toluene, Formaldehyde, DibutylPhtalate, Camphor and Formaldehdye-resins.



Aside from it being safer for our gorgeous fingers and toes, they are also safe for the little ones, as well.

Girlstuff nail polish is imported from France and comes in a wide collection of colors and styles such as: The Sophisticate Collection (gel type polish), Textured polishes, glitter, cream jelly and more!



They also have a lot of nail art instruments such as decals, stripping tape, stamps and more!

As a girl who loves having polish on her fingers, I am very impressed with the quality of this manicure for the price that it comes in.

From P100.00- P140.00, Girlstuff nail polish dries easily, doesn’t not have a very strong smell and the packaging it so cute! I have 9 nail polishes as of the moment and they all fit perfectly beside each other and don’t take up a lot of space either.





Congratulations again for opening in Cebu, Girlstuff!

 Check them out at:

Paseo Ciudad, 2nd Level Ayala Center Cebu

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Follow them on Instagram: @girlstuffforever



4 Replies to “Girl Stuff, Forever”

  1. Love this review, Is! Saw this in Sm department store and im glad its in ayala na! Boyfriend’s ate has been looking for nail polishes that she could let her daughter use. Now I know what to recommend! Thanks Is!:)

    1. Hi Trixie! Thanks for leaving a comment, I love it when I have something to read on my page. I usually get silent readers. lol. Yes, you SHOULD try them out. I’m obsessed with their matte polish and I’ve just been going crazy over all their products! Hope to see you soonest! <3

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