goodbye, goodnight

it’s 1:55 am and i’m up, waiting for joshua pierra varela-la to come over and drop over some food and just to hang out. i needed somone tonight. well,i needed someone a few hours ago when i was hyped up on chocolate and ice cream and sugar. i had cherry flavored spit. i know i’m awesome. jp.

and i’m waking up again to see who you are
and who you’ve turned out to be,
listening to you speak again,
seeing you trying to hurt me.
So i’m trying to fall back into bed,
into reality, back into my own head.
Cuz we were perfect together, you we’re wrong.
we’re getting over what could’ve been,
this is our unsung song.

and she stares at his pixelated name for moments at a time,
telling herself things’ll be better in time.
she’s feeding herself with black and white lies.
but it’s better this way – you know,
expected good-byes

please don’t tell me you think this is for you.

anyways, carlow said napud na they’d be here. why? i have no idea. but i know that i want to go on a tapsilog trip. lmao.

i had serious plans of sneaking out tonight but i don’t think i have the heart to do that. plus, i’m scared something might backfire on me. and it’s most likely to happen considering the fact that i still am jinxed. just a bit and in places. lmao.

and guess what? i finally got fishes. and guess what? they died. 2 out of 3 fishes died. the one’s that carlow and chabel were supposed to name. chab names hers na, hershey. carlow’s died before he could think of a decent name. whatever.

i think i’ve over eaten today. lmao.

i actually liked today, thankyouverymuch.

yesterday,i went to bed at around 4 o clock in the morning right after koh, marcko and carlow came over. we just talked and talked. and koh tried to take pictures. i just met the other two, so we didn’t actually – you know. do anything crazy. lmao.

then later, i woke up at around 8 to get ready to go to family park for the victory party of the cebu seals.oh fuck, there was soo much food and i was soo full! haha. and i ate with my hands! i did hear that it was always different when you eat with your hands. proli the germs. lmao.

i didn’t stay long though. it was a bunch of old people man pud. as for the young people, they we’re swimming, which left me by my lonesome. sucks. 🙁 so,i went to meet up with chab at irie and she had lunch and i ate french fries. soo fun 😀

and then, i went home and took a nap then we went to tita tina’s place and had dinner and watched videos that they took of em in the states. twas really nice! lmao.

tonight’s the last time i can get to stay up before my whole summer unfolds. i’m having flashbacks of school and my first day. basically of how the school looks like and how it feels in the morning and shit. ii’m not appreciating it. i’m remembering it. simple.

i’m pretty sure that by the time the start of school, i’ll be crazy. esp. when i don’t want to. i hate school, remember? i can imagine it now. god, i easily get sick of those people. i hope i have new classmates or something. i don’t think god would want to torture me twice. lmao.

and i can only imaginethe bus rides. omg with that! i heard we have a new bus. i’m looking forward to that – yes, i am. lmao.

i’ll keep you guys updated as much as possible when school starts – i promise 🙂

i love YOU.

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