ground zero

serisouly, who gets a pimple on their chin?! someone must really hate me right now. i blame the devil! and mario badesco doesn’t even seem to be working on me anymore. leche. putang ina!!

just a few more hours til i’m in manila and omg, i am soooo excited. i’m excited to the point where i couldn’t sleep. it’s 4 am and here i am, blogging. nice one, is.

don’t ask me why but i have a feeling that i won’t enjoy this vacay as much as i should. you know, considering that my mom has PMS and Tita Tina’ll be there, it could get rowdy. or not.

see, the whole point of thinking this is so that everything turns around and things’ll be awesome. :]

i wanna get a picture of manila from the plane, i know that would be so awesome. weeeh. sige is, hambug pa.

man, i knew i should’ve strectched before playing volleyball. these shoulder pains are killing me. KILLING ME!

i want a nice top now .god, i want too much </3

last night, me and francis we’re texting and ranting about “love”. i told him how guys only want “those” girls, the sexy, pretty, flirty ones that they can get something out of and i told him how i’d rather not sell myself short if that’s what or who i have to be to get one. and now, yeah, i think it was pretty smart to say that. yeah,i don’t need anyone right now. i’ll be 16 soon. isn’t that exciting? i’ve lived 16 years single why would i wanna change that now? and of all the times.

so, i’ll see you guys soon. :*

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