guess what? he loves me

yeah, i’ve had really good days soo far.
yeah, i’m still confused.
but yeah, i cannot deny that i am loving this as much as i love the feeling in my stomach when he says that he loves me. and when yes, i say that i love him too.
yeah, i need time.
yeah, who said he doens’t either?

i <3 the law of attraction.
thank you, manila.

anyways, i’ve been busy lately. issa, the hamster bit miguel and made his finger bled. gaba!

get to you later. lol.

when did you fall in love with me?

and yeah, i went to church.

and i love how i know He’s there for me.
god, i love you more than i love myself or anyone else.
father, you’ve saved me from myself.
and with that, i give you my life.

i <3 gravy.

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