Hair Loss and Weight Gain



Yes, I cut my hair and yes, I put on some weight but it doesn’t mean that:

A. I broke up with my boyfriend

B. That I am depressed. Or in my case, more depressed than I usually am. I am a hormonal woman, after all.

With Cebu’s unforgiving weather, I realized that a good snip was the best remedy to my back rashes and overall discomfort. Despite my nonconformism to the lob (long bob) and with wise words from my best friend, Alex and Francis Lee of Bridges Salon, I opted for this bob and a shaved head which I wear with utmost pride. To everyone who has slightly overacted to my new look and how I’m ever going to be able to take photos- it’s just hair.

Hair Replacement Systems Australia


Over-sized vest: Planet Exchange| Dress: lilybridal| Leggings: Thirfted| Shoes: Adidas Superstars

As for the weight gain… You win.



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