Halfway There, My Love


It’s 30 minutes to 12 and I’m asking myself what am I still doing in my PJ’s but it’s fine since I’m working from home today.

I wanted to narrate what Day 2 was like but I’ll probably do that later on when I’m done with work. My phone just rang and I’ve been soft booked for almost the whole next week. Yes!

You just made your way to the bathroom and soon you’ll be on your way out while I stay hereĀ and work- work on a million things to pay for the million things we just bought and still need to buy. huuu. but it’s fine. It’s fun! But most of all, it’s worth it!

This is the life I always imagined for us. Me & You. You & I.

You make my heart so full, I feel like crying every single time I think of you.

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