HAPPY holidays [finally]

so far, based on the days that’ve past, i think this years holiday season is the best season i’ve ever had.. so far! haha.

bayot’s home and it’s just been crazy. there’s been an equal amount of laughs, tears, drama, love and whatever shit you wanna add into that. haha.

i love the fact that i’ve been out every night with james and friends. it’s just really awesome. thursday night, i was a eduardo, james’s friends house, it was martins birthday party and yeah, drinking napud. it was fun. i wasn’t drunk though but i wasn’t completely sober either. haha. it was fun especially cuz i got to see other people dunk. paulo’s the funniest, by far. haha.

then the next day, friday, was the last day of school [christmas partaaay], the church concert, dinner with my papa’s friends and then pod5 with friends. alyssa, ayana and whoelse were drunk. i got to steal 2 bags of skittles. it was fun hanging out with them after such a long time.

friday was the most tiring day so far since christmas break started. but it was so totally worth it. me, james and his sister went christmas gift shopping and i walked with james and his family to the car after the church concert. we made a lot of progress that day. i’m glad. lol.

saturday. oh god, saturday. haha. we had a drinking party at home in celebration of bayot’s arrival. it was so fun. but of course, there was drama. i mean, how can you have a complete saturday night without it? lol. it was expected, it came but the night ended quite beautifully. especically cuz i didn’t pay for the booze. father paid for it. haha.

sunday. woah, sunday. hahaha. james’s mom’s bday. had dinner at their place. that was scary but we moved a step forward and god, i love that boy. soo fucking much.


monday. 24th. the whole day was pretty much dull. then james came over before noche buena to drop the christmas ham he got for my family and he suprisingly got a gift from my parents, too. hahaha.

i gave him my gift and yey. he likes it. :]

noche buena was fun. it was nice. i got a number of gifts, too. i don’t have a favorite one though. i’m waiting for my shoes from james 😀 hahaha.

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