today wasn’t the BEST day but i guess it’s better than being dead. and i definitely thought i was going to get wasted today. but i didn’t. maybe that’s what’s wrong with my day. i knew i should’ve just went and gotten wasted. **sigh** 🙁

ok so here’s what happened:
1. i failed my biochem test by like 5 STUPID POINTS. only cuz i forget to put a D on the stupid carbonyl chain or whatever you call it.
2. diana bugged the hell out of me in the morning
3. i haven’t found a gift for papa yet
4. my bill is 700++ and i have no fucking idea whyy
5. school is soo tiring. i don’t wanna do it anymore. haha.

i just stayed at ayala today and studied all by my lonesome. it was nice to be alone and actually get SOME things done but then it kinda sucked after diana made me cry and then LEFT me.

i hate “a year from now” it tore me up today. 🙁

i guess it still does kinda sting. sometimes.

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