heart break 101 [LOL]

here i am again. sob. i don’t know. haha.

ok, so francis is at it again.

dear God,
    if you can hear me, now’s the perfect time to make my life easier. PLEASE make that boy disappear! I just don’t need to hear from him right now.


yeah, it’s Francis AGAIN. haha. i don’t know but everytime i hear from him on friendster or whatever, i just get really pissed off. basically because he just doesn’t get it. i don’t want to hear from him because, i’m done saying whatever it is i needed to say to him and i’m pretty sure he is so WHY is he still trying to contact me. it’s not a matter of me being assuming or jumping to the conclusion of him wanting another shot with me. it’s just that, i just don’t appreciate it right now cuz if i remember correctly, and i think i do, i made it very clear to him that i had no business with him and he shouldn’t either.

so, why now? is this like, a test or something? cuz you, among everyone else know what i want and he just isn’t it. and even if i don’t get what i want.. he still woudln’t be an option. haha. he is soo far from the reality that i want and the reality that i need.

and i’m gone.

yo, brothah

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