history is not for me

yeah, today. i think i’ll live not remembering it.lmao. except for some part, of course.

so skip skip all the unnecessary, i’ll forget about it,i know stuff. let’s get to the good.

i went to the mall and saw my stc friends. <3 i am whole again.

i ate candy. [even if i’m off limits to it.]

i went on a food trip with with mommy <3 [tacos. mcjoy]

james came over. <3

and i spent some good quality time with papa.

i love too many people today. it’s crazy.

well, i feel like going emo right now but like, i unno. i’m not into it. i don’t wanna be emo. i think  the world’s too beautiful for that.

but then again, i don’t wanna be a hippie chick.

oh pish posh. i don’t care

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