Hobo? Boho?


I’ve always been a huge fan of layering which is unfortunate because I live in such a humid city. Sometimes, I go against the weather and go full boho despite the weather because… I’ve just got to let that girl out, you know?

Because I knew I was going to spend the entire day at the mall, I decided to stick to light materials- as hot as this outfit looks, it’s actually really breezy and lightweight!



A lot of people are going to tell you that you need to dress a certain way or look at you differently when you step out of the norms- but if you feel good in what you’re wearing, that’s really the only thing that should matter.

I get teased a lot for being too “fashown” by people who I honestly could care less about. The more I’ve been getting into blogging, the more people think they are entitled to their own opinion about me… as if I knew them or they knew me.

I guess people will always want to have an opinion (even if it’s wrong and stupid) but it’s up to us to choose which ones are logical enough to be given our time of the day.

So chin up, young ones! Don’t let anyone or anything phase you.


Hat: Cotton On| Crop top: Forever 21| Skirt: Let’s Stylize



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