Hotel Rooms & A Short Rant On “Beauty”


Just came back from my trip to Moal Boal where we spent our lovely and much needed trip at Club Serena where we were able to watch the whale sharks, the sardine run and the turtles. Along with that trip I was able to come home with wonderful memories and jelly fish stings all over my body! It was totally worth it and although I am itching uncontrollably, I am more grateful than I am angry. Maybe next time I’ll  wear a rash guard or a wet suit but that’s for another adventure *two weeks cannot come any sooner*!

Vacations are always a great time for me to insert scenic/ dramatic photo shoots because of the great scenery and new backdrops and even if I have to run back and forth to set my self timer. Yes, I take my own photos with the aid of my handy dandy tripod. So if you have one, use it and if you’re planning to get one make sure to invest in a sturdy tripod because cameras are expensive and there’s no point in scrimping out on your accessories.


A thought that came into my head as I was writing this is the issue of skin color and the fact that I am currently 2 shades darker than I normally am.

We live in a society where people adore people with fairer skin and think that being white or fairer is the equivalent to beauty. They try so hard to get that look and invest so much on whitening products and stay as far away as possible from the sun. If that’s what you’re into then fine, I’m not going to judge you but at least have the decency to respect those who are not afraid to get a real tan. 

I’ve always been a morena, even if most of my relatives are fair skinned. My mom is white, my dad is white, my siblings are white and I am not. My grand father, who I looked up to greatly growing up and my aunt who won Miss Cebu Tourism in 1990 have the same skin color as I am and growing up, I looked to them for confidence when everyone was telling me that I was getting too dark and that I shouldn’t stay under the sun to play tennis, swim and all the activities I involved myself in growing up. They were proud of their color, they never let society define them and they succeeded and are continuing to succeed because color is not proportionate to what you are and what you can achieve.

I’m not saying to disregard sun block and soak up in the sun because these products prevent cancer, burn and premature wrinkling among other things- I use them when I can and I will continue to use them because I believe in taking care of my body. What I am saying is to not look down on anyone who does not fit your personal beliefs of beauty because we are all beautiful in our own ways.

I’ve been called numerous things for being a morena like a farmer, a negra, poor, ugly and I’ve had people choose fairer people over me because to them I was not worthy of their attention/ affection and worse respect. Yes, it hurt but I never wanted to change who I was because of these small minded opinions and neither should YOU.

Love yourself first before you allow anyone else to love you and if you’re a morena living among people who think you need some gluta, papaya soap or to lock yourself in your room then you don’t need them because you’re fabulous the way you are! <3




Polo shirt used as a dress: Let’s Stylize 

So many thoughts in one night,


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