How the heck did I get sick?!

  1. I got to sleep in.
  2. I saw Ace today. God I missed him so much. It was so nice. So, so nice.
  3. Jonas came and ate lunch with me, bought me medicine/ multivitamins (even if I contested against it) and took me to have soup cuz I’m sick.
  4. Even if I am sick, I was able to do an insane amount of work today.
  5.  Got to eat fried chicken and my favorite chicken crisps from Orange Brutus
  6. Mom told me to rest tomorrow even if I refused.
  7. Granny gave me a box of Kyani so I can get healthy
  8. I finally put myself out there and asked a friend if I could host with him. Hoping that this is the start of something amazing
  9. I cried 3 times today. Am I an emotional wreck or what?
  10. Got to tell a new business owner that I appreciated their venture. It made me happy to see them happy
  11. We walked around the subdivision and almost got bitten by stray dogs. Maderpaker.
  12. We didn’t kill the poor kitty
  13. That I have decided to own a hedgehog. I really need an animal to smother with affection right now. Ugh.
  14. I sent in 2 proposals tonight.

No photos today. Didn’t get to shoot anything. Tomorrow is another day!

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