How To Style An Off Shoulder Top & Wide Legged Pants

Never in a million years would I ever imagine myself slipping into what I can only call disco pants from my grand mother’s closet but I always forget to¬†never say never and well, when you’ve binged watched Girl Boss in a span of 2 days, certain things grow on you.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about dressing up and giving countless workshops about fashion, it’s that when you’re picking out an outfit, you want to create a good shape, an hour glass, if you may- which is what I tried to create in this look. Take note: Wide shoulders, tight waist, wide bottoms.

I find myself having a love- hate relationship with anything ruffled because 1. I hate the thought of strapless bras & 2. ruffles make my ta-ta’s look noticeably bigger than they somewhat are. I don’t like drawing attention to my baby feeders but ruffled tops seem to do just that. However, with the slow and steady uproar of tops like this, I found myself succumbing to trends and now I have not just 1 but 4 ruffled off shoulder tops. God, help me!

So here I am trying to make use of my unjustifiable expenses:

Shades: Executive Optical| Earrings: Forever21| Top & Pants: Gaisano Grand| Heels: H&M

Shoot with: Canon 800D (d’ya read that? I GOT A NEW CAM!)

How would you style an off shoulder top?


Issa P.

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