I Be Chillin’

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 I get so confused with what is appropriate clothes wear for someone who’s not quite an adult yet but doesn’t wanna look like I’m trying too hard to dress younger than I actually am. Everyone I know is either getting married, having babies or building an awesome career and here I am, wondering if it’s still ok to wear a crop top at 24!

But all jokes (oh, that was a joke?!) aside, I have finally found a look that can finally get on my level. Also, these pants are the best things that have ever happened to me.

2015-09-29 05.35.49 1This look has been my ultimate beacon of style over the past few weeks. I am able to move around freely without the hassle of my clothes sticking to me when I get sweaty, it’s light weight and it’s age appropriate.

Plus to top of all this comfort, I make sure to carry around my favorite Eos lip balm and body lotion that I got from Zalora to keep my lips and skin hydrated through out the day. Talk about ultimate comfort!

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 Top: Iora| Pants: Giordano| Sneakers: Follie (Department store brand)

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