I Come In Peace

See the resemblance?
It’s uncanny!

[Top: Oxygen| Cosmic leggings: Fashion Diary| Boots: KICKS (SM Department Store)| Spiked headband: Penshoppe]
Dog: Meow
A quick tip to wearing leggings:
No, no to the camel toe!
I fell in love with these leggings, along with all of Fashion Diaries items, the minute I laid eyes on them. Once, I did, I felt like no matter what happens in this world, I HAD to have them- ho hum… AND I FINALLY DO! 😀
My tip for wearing loudly printed legging is to just keep everything else to a minimum. Too much is not always a good thing, keep that in mind, friends!
That’s why I opted to wear a simple black sleeveless top with a sheer back (you can’t really tell its sheer though. Boo) and my favorite boots to bring out that final umpf!
I think the real challenge is being able to wear this look again but I’m looking forward to playing around with a big sweater and some strappy black heels. Oh, to be a woman! J
What do you think of my cosmic leggings?

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