I Frogot It Was Summer

Of course I knew it was blazing hot outside, but would it be safe to say that it was cold in my building so it didn’t matter?

Denim polo: -| Denim pants: Sister’s | Undershirt: Forever 21| Belt: Given (mom)| Flats: SM Department store
Obviously happy to be wearing the denim-on-denim trend after months of waiting for it to wear down.
Funny how fashion changes like that, yeah? Growing up, I could’ve sworn that wearing denim on top of denim was some sort of immortal sin or something. When it came back around last year, my exact words were “why is she in all denim? Aren’t you like, not supposed to be seen in it… EVER? Wait a minute, it does not look half bad… I want to wear it!!” And since it’s come back, fashion enthusiasts have re-invented them in ways that have made me say, “why didn’t I think of that?”
I love how the rules of fashion have changed. They’ve been updated, outdated and forgotten and on good day, it feels as if there are no rules at all. HOWEVER: Leggings are not pants, people. And no one wants to see your camel toe. You’re welcome!
For my take on this misjudged trend, I decided to use contrasting hues. It gave me more variety and well, I love these washed out jeans so I could never pass out an opportunity to take them out! Besides, the weather in Cebu is terrible and wearing a dark ensemble would’ve been equivalent to me begging for a heat stroke. Things to buy on my must have fashion list: thinner denim tops.
I went in between closing my polo to opening it countless times because I couldn’t decide what I liked more. I forgot to take a picture of it closed, though. My bad L
Charm necklace: Aizilym Enterprises
So on a scale from 1-10, how did I do?

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