i miss making REAL blogs

ok, we had to drive all the way to balamban , toledo-ish.

mind you, it wasn’t a very fun trip at all. two hours. we had to cross a  mountain and do you know how hard it is to not puke riding along a mountain in a full car and nothing to do. i think i’m still dizzy.

but getting there wasn’t the worst part, i tell you. before that i had to stay inside the car for at least an hour until attorney elipdio/ elpy arrived. by that time, i was hot [no, not arroused, kev] and hungry [back me up] and yeah. plus, this clare girl. who, i have to admit,is cool for a 23 year old mother came.. annulment. big suprise there!

so, thank god, we finally had lunch and it wasn’t that good nor was it bad.. at that time, i guess i wwas just happy to have food on the table. thank god for that.

if you’re wondering why i finally had the nerve to use simileys.. i thank my sponsors, pldt for that. good fo nothing bitches. i can’t connect to friendster. what other good is there for the net if i can’t fix my friendster? nastyy

so, continuing. i had to lie a lot. god, i don’t think i should enumerate them. someone might’ve been doing their research. lol.

and i had corn today. im happy. 🙂


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