i swear to god i’ve been nothing but nice

it’s the 23..i think and i’ve been home all day. well, except for angie’s house where i almost got eaten alive by her tiny dog. lol.

yesterday was the christmas party where i got to wear my pretty black dress that i lurved soo much. lol.

the party was ayt. i thought teacher jojo got me but teacher paski got me. lol. and i even have the nerve to shout, “i knew a teacher got me” in fronna anne and sam which was pretty stupid cuz i thought teacher jo did. lol. but i had a feeling it was a teacher anyways so i was pretty damn close!! lol.

my whole day was spent at ayala and just that. i got to talk to marc the whole night which was fun. slept at around 12 and yeah, that’s that.

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