i’d take it back cuz god, i wish i waited…

if knew that i was going to be with you, i would’ve waited. and hell, i wish the same for you too.

i guess in life, we all make mistakes. we all do stuff we wouldn’t want or we end up wishing we didn’t do. and i’m siting here, full of regret. [this was emo day for me] but then again, if it didn’t happen, i wouldn’t love/ need you as much as i do now. and you probably wouldn’t mean as much to me as you do now.

no more mistakes beh, i’m tired of screwing up.

dear god,

    what am i supposed to do? it’s like i’m getting more and more paranoid and that’s not supposed to happen! i want to tolerate it, i want to keep it in but somehow, they alwats seem to find their way out in the open. it doesn’t hurt though, it just scares me that maybe one day it could. i hope i’m the only one, lord. i hope i’d be the last. i love much too much and sometimes it just really sucks just because he coud very easily hurt and at the same time, i could very quickly fall back into his arms…

when i don’t hear from you, i get scared. but i need you to assure me that there’s nothing to be afraid of. and i need you to mean it, mean it, mean it. sometimes, that’s just really the only thing i need.

is this the kind of life you want me to live? is this the way you want things to be? because i’m willing to live this way, if that’s the way to make you stay.

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