Idk what that was

Nobody wakes up one day and decides that they’re gonna feel like shit.

Sometimes it starts with I don’t feel like dressing up today, to I’m not gonna cook, to maybe I’ll just lay in bed and not check socials. And then you check your socials and you find your heart sinking into your chest.

And then your phone rings and it’s a million people needing a million things from you and instead of wanting to do it- you just curl into a ball and pretend you didn’t read/ hear it.

And then you hate yourself for not wanting to do it but it doesn’t make you want to do it any more.

And then you can’t breathe. Your head starts to hurt more often than it used to. Your eyes start to twitch. You get pimples. You accidentally break stuff. You forget what your husband looks like. You have a hard time remembering things. You even almost forget your menstrual cup inside you.

It be like that sometimes.

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