If i don’t hear from you tonight i’m going to wake up simply wishing that i hadn’t

just because i know that nothing in life is permanent or for sure, i just wanna say it before i don’t get the chance to.

i’m putting it in writting [or print, whatever] just so you know i’ve been wishing for it.

i hope i hear from you tonight cuz honestly, you’re what i look forward to in the morning even if i’m never going to let you know that. I just hope to hear from you and know that you were thinking about me and you wanted me to know that. I don’t wanna stop hearing from you as long as it doesn’t hurt. and right now, it doesn’t so just keep on coming, boy. Let’s give this a shot.

i’ve been praying for something but i’m not going to be blinded by you. slightly though, ok. whatever. you could be a keeper.

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