Iā€™m Back

It’s been a weird couple of months having fully been submersed in H&S business. I’m still adjusting to running a business and not wanting to let anyone, yet alone myself, down but at the same time- I can’t help but miss the things I often have to sacrifice. It’s embarrassing to admit that I’m talking about creating content but God I love it so much- even writing here is exhilarating!

I think more than anything, I just like having a physical outlet for my thoughts.

More than that, I’ve been extremely passionate about creating content that will help educate the general public. I don’t know if it will ever pick up or if anyone really likes it but if I’ve stuck by doing all the stupid shit I do online, why should something I truly believe in be any different, right?

There’s a lot of superficialities going on in what i used to consider “my space” right now and I hate it. Maybe because I’m getting older and I could care less about disbanding of gangs , what’s inside people’s bags and what they put on their face. I’m not for everybody and it’s tough. Sometimes I wish for a little bit more payoff from the work I’ve put in but I try to remind myself that I don’t really work THAT hard. šŸ˜‚ not for the vlog and blog, at least. Let’s be honest. But I’ll try harder.

Maybe that’s why I’ve been in a “rut” lately because I’m not creating content and I can’t create because I’m in a rut and I refuse to try harder. It’s all so confusing right now.

Side note: we still have a wedding to plan and less than 6 months to plan it.

Holy fucking shit. And I still can’t decide on our invitations.

Ok. Now I’m starting to worry šŸ˜‚

Bye content, I gotta get married first!

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