i’m feeling you

it’s been a while since i’ve been able to blog pointlessly and i miss it. i miss being able to do a lot of things that i’m used to doing and i guess i really just miss having all the time in the world.

i’m scared that one day, this blog is going to be nothing but my “teenage rant page” cuz i’ve practically grown on this site. and i’m scared that i’m just going to grow out of this eventually and i eventually will.:[

whatever. i just have nothing good to say cuz life is at it’s peak of it’s boringness.

my prom dress doesn’t look like how i want it too.
prom practice is tiring.
my munchkin business is doing good.
i’ve been into selling ipod’s lately
and idk.
james and i have been on, off, on, off and that’s just how we’ve been.

i’m over it.

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