in control

my friends say i’m being anal and too into it. they think that my whole time is devoted to lagz and to no one else. and honestly, they could be right about that but friends are always top on my list. i have a list of tops, not in a specific order though basta 1st gyud si god. and if they need me, i’ll be there for them. :]

they’re suprised that i’m soo into him and the whole idea of us and i don’t blame them.

but hey, i’m inlove. and it’s finally safe to say it. cuz i’ve waited, prayed, got it and prayed some more and i just hope this lasts forever. :]

thanks for being my everything. you’re worth it. you make me feel like i’m worth it. you make me feel like i’m worth the fight. i love you.

you don’t look like you there.

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