Introducing Gibbs’ Hot Wings 5 New Menu Items!

It’s been such an adventure growing with Gibbs’ since they opened in 2014. Being able to see and experience the periodic changes they’ve been through over the past few years has been definitely been an exhilarating and fattening adventure.  Having started as a backyard business operating in a residential area to a now industrial themed restaurant which is always overflowing with hungry customers and soon a… well, I can’t say it now but you’ll find out soon enough- Gibbs’ has consistently been providing Cebuano’s with great gastronomical experiences whether in the comforts of our own homes or within the wall scribbled confines of their resto.

But Gibbs’ isn’t quite done pushing the envelope just quite yet! This year, they’ve introduced 5 brand new and Issa approved (because that’s the most important thing, right?! lol) menu items for everyone to enjoy- the pulled pork taco, spicy adobo wings, the Juicy Lucy, sausage mac & cheese and oreo ala mode!

Spicy Adobo Wings

Simmered to perfection, this Filipino inspired dish is truly inato. It’s not too spicy, for anyone who’s spice scared like I am, and it’s packed with familiar family flavors perfect for anyone who is missing home. Or you know… someone who just likes Filipino food.

Pulled Pork Taco

Definitely my favorite of the bunch! This pulled pork in a soft shell taco is bursting with flavor (caution, it’s SPICY!) and is the perfect alternative from Gibbs’ wings. Served in 3’s at P250.00, you can share this with a friend but I recommend you devour the whole lot on your own.

Photo taken from Gibbs’ Facebook page Credits to owner, you are awesome, whoever you are!

Sausage Mac & Cheese

Not a fan of mac & cheese but this 5 cheese dish topped with Hungarian sausages is actually pretty good. I… don’t… really… know… how… to… describe… a… mac & cheese dish but… I’d definitely order this dish again and so will you. *casts magic spell*

Juicy Lucy

Also another favorite! This burger patty with a surprise center (hint: CHEEESE!) and perfectly made skin on mashed potatoes is the perfect mix with your favorite Gibbs’ wings.

Oreo Ala Mode

Always craving for something sweet after a big meal? Indulge in Gibbs’ newest desert offering, the oreo ala mode. It’s a deep fried oreo topped with vanilla ice cream, drizzled with chocolate syrup which all blends perfectly in your mouth. Also, this dish is Frank/ Coy’s (the owner. Gibb is their dog, in case you didn’t know) sons’ idea and I am so proud of them that I’m going to order it every single time I’m there! YES to starting them young!


Grape- Pomelo Juicer

What is an adventure to Gibbs’ without quenching your thirst with their amazing juices? This time, you can also help yourself to their new grape- pomelo drink!


Get 2 mugs of a liter of beer and an order of Gibbs’ Hot Wings all for only P499!

Hi, Twin! <3

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