I always knew I had a knack for public speaking ever since I was a child as I’ve always felt the most comfortable whenever  I had to speak to a sea of people. Whether if it was a public debate, a campaign speech, declarations, orations, presentations or discussions, my mouth has always been my best and worst friend. When I started blogging and vlogging, I had only dreamed of being able speak about my passions in writing, fashion, business and creating content online. There are soo many other bloggers and vloggers out there who have more achievements and knowledge than I do and yet, my career online and offline have been so blessed to be given opportunities like this. #baketlist

For the month of July, I was able to give 2 workshops together with Sprockets Coffee + Milk Tea Cafe on the topics: Blogging/ Vlogging 101 & Social Media for Business. Yes, we weren’t so creative with the titles but I tried to make up for the lackluster through powerful and informative content. I hope my attendees would agree!

The turnout was amazing, even when I wasn’t able to send out personal invites til the night before due to my busy schedule! Through the workshop,  I was able to expand my network, share my knowledge and more importantly, make new friends.

I cannot wait to give a second run as many of you have asked me for it but I’ll have to give it a few months as I’m currently working on a few other projects. I do have a couple more workshops scheduled outside of Cebu which I will be announcing soon enough but til then, make sure to follow me on my social media accounts to keep updated! 🙂

I would also like the thank Myka Sarchez for filming parts of the event and for posting it on her youtube channel! I wasn’t able to film it because of everything that was going on but this surely means a lot to me <3

Make sure to subscribe to her channel, guys!

Til the next one,
Issa P.


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