it’s been too long <3

hey, kevin’s backin cebu! so that’s what  he meant b y messages. wtf. stupid stupid me. lmao.
well anyways, welcome back, kev. 🙂

school’s been hell again. i’ve been having those oh so common migranes in class again. [i have them again right now] and well, they ain’t pretty. i got a decent grade in my filipino project. i’m proud to tell the world that. *bow*

this friday we have a field trip to Consulacion to plant mangroves. how exciting. well, i’m not really up to it. first of all cuz i don’t think my body is capable of going and second cuz, well, i don’t like the thought of being packed in a bus again. but last time wasn’t soo bad. but i won’t keep my hopes up. lmao. i already told teacher jo that i wasn’t into the field trip, that i don’t think i was physically capable of going but does the bitch listen to me? NOOO.

but at least he’s letting me bring mommy along. that should help. i hate you, jojo.

well, i’m done. bye

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