I’ve Got Loose Lips

These lips of mine are going to get me into trouble one day.

Or it’ll just lead to an insatiably unmendable broken heart. Oh, I fear for myself so much. Issa please stop being so stupid.

I don’t mind saying it everyday, hell, I’d say it every second if it made you happy- if it makes you happy at all.

But it breaks me up inside knowing that I might not ever be able to hear it from you.

If you can feel it then you can say it. Or do I have to give you a reason to?

Because it all boils down to me feeling like I’ m just not good enough to be loved. Despite everything I’ve done, not even by you.

Samoka jud nako oi. Ako na gyud pinaka bogo. Pinaka tanga ug pinaka basa.

Kung sa tanan, kibaw ko ako ang pinaka grabeh mo pinangga nimo. Ako ang tao na ok ra ihatag tanan basta tarungon lang ko nimo.

Kung sa tanan kibaw ko ako ang pinaka alkansi.

And I’ve come to terms with that a long time ago. But just like what I do every single time, I just keep giving myself the benefit of the doubt. Hoping that you know, that one day things may change for me.

I’ll be ok tomorrow. It’s just that right now it’s kinda hard to sleep.

I don’t want your pity party.

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