JUST drugs

my mom keeps insisting that i’m on drugs because:
1. if i’ve lied about not smoking, i can be lying about doing drugs
2. because i’m always hungry and i am constantly eating but i hardly gain weight [which is a LIEEE!!]
3..because i had a nose bleed. AND ACCORDING TO MY RESEARCH:

In most cases the cause is unknown. The other causes of epistaxis are as follows: 

Localized infections- vestibulitis and sinusitis and dried mucus membranes in the nose.

Injury- repeated injury from picking the nose, blunt injury or fracture of the nose.

Narrowing of the arteries (arteriosclerosis)

High blood pressure.

Disorders causing tendency to bleed: Aplastic anemia; Leukemia;  Low platelet count;  Liver disease;  Hereditary blood disorders such as hemophilia;  and hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia.

4. because i ACT like i’m high. i wouldn’t know how someone high would act but i’m guessing SHE does hence, the comment.

and because of her persistency… i have considered actually taking drugs because i want to shut her up. hahaha.


and it’s been day 2 of my not-to-smoke-for-3-years-until-i-have-a-job-and-can-buy-my-own-cigarettes plan. but i’m hoping i’ll grow out of it. not smoking forever sounds so… permanent and i don’t plan that far off in my life. i am a free spirtit. 😀

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  1. Don’t go back to smoking else I will come to the philippines and slap you and have an emotional breakdown and cry D:.HAHAHA you are soooo on drugs though. I love how your mom says you act like you’re high ahahahahahahahaha XD poor Issa!! I guess she’s just worried about you though ^^;;.Pffft always eating and not gaining wait means you have TAPEWORMS! And having a nosebleed means you’re a pervert. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KixcpaaCJ3w hahahaha XD.So in conclusion you’re a tapeworm-infested pervert :3. Tell your mom that ^_^.

  2. @whoosh90 – hmmm. that actually sounds like a good idea. 😀 omg, you wanna know what i ate today? :Dok here.breakfast: chicken hotdogin the morning i had: SHARWARMA. yummm.for lunch: Calamari, grilled pork belly [we call it SI-NUG-BA here which means… grilled, i think] and something you call “menudo” AND lots of fruit 😀 it was so random because i don’t know my filipino food but i walked pass this food stall at school and fell in love with the menudo!in betweens: 3 different kinds of biscuits that i brought from homeafter school with my parents we went to the mall and i ate: a hungarian hotdog with EVERYTHING on itand for dinner: i had kfc and i gave the rice to my papa and ate mashed potatoes instead AND corn.and i’m STILL hungry. geez!!

  3. What’s sharwarma?O_O CALAMARI AND GRILLED PORK BERRY :O!!! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I AM SO JEALOUS >_<;;.I like the rice in KFC!! It’s yummy ^^ I had it in Hong Kong. They don’t do rice in KFC here though :(.Hahahaha you DRUGGIE :3 got the munchies hahaha.Today I had…Breakfast: was lazy so ate nothing.Lunch: Burger King: whopper, fries and spriteDinner: Rice, curry, veg, pork belly (stew)?Then ate popcorn while watching a movie. I watched two movies today though! First I went to the cinema to see Avatar, it was good 😀 then just now I watched Up at home, which was also really good :D!!

  4. @whoosh90 – yumm. popcorn. i’m gonna go buy myuself some microwavable popcorn later at the mall. i’m on my way there cuz my mom wants to take me shopping and pose under the fat christmas tree..i hate posing in front of plastic ornaments. unless it’s funny.

  5. @Aa_bEbE_pHaT_aA – 😀 we had microwavable popcorn too ^_^! Pre-made popcorn is too expensive, plus microwavable ones are so yummy while warm nomnomnom :).:O go go go take a pic and upload it I wanna see ^_^! Hehe, make a funny pose under it then!!! ^_^.Bleh. I don’t like sardines either. But I would’ve spread something on the bread? ^^;;.

  6. @whoosh90 – i took pictures! but seems like i used up all of my memory for the month. so ima try to upload it via link from my multiply :)hey, what’s the time difference there? it’s 10 here and looks like we have a 12 hour time diff. wanna skype or something?? i still have to learn how to use that though.

  7. @Aa_bEbE_pHaT_aA – Oh yeah you uploaded a lotta videos didn’t you, so I guess that’d use up a lot of the memory! Hehe ok 🙂 link me when you’ve uploaded it? It’s 2pm here…so…I don’t think that’s 12 hour difference XD!! Yeah sure I’d love to skype 🙂 I’ll message you my details ^^.

  8. @Aa_bEbE_pHaT_aA – 10…am I’m guessing? Awww D: poor you *hugs* hope you feel better soon! Erm…you mean you rear chickens? >_<;; I wouldn’t be able to cope with killing my own food, if I had to do that I’d turn vegetarian :/. It is really sad la…:(. I can only eat meat by ignoring the fact that it’s a dead animal (._.);;…

  9. @whoosh90 – PM!! haha and no, we don’t rear chickens. like, we bought chicks once cuz we thought it would be cool to have more pets around the house. but then they started getting bigger and pooping a lot more and it made our house smell sooo bad. so we had to kill them.i just can’t eat it. it’s on the table now and i’m like… “savages!”

  10. @Aa_bEbE_pHaT_aA – LOL you guys are SO bad!! It’s like “A puppy is not just for Christmas”…except…you fricken ate them when they grew up (._.);;. That’s just harsh 🙁 I can’t believe you just killed and ate your pets cos you couldn’t be bothered to look after them :(!! T_T;; savages…I’m glad you’re still here though 🙂 and that your parents never found you too annoying and ATE you hahahahaha XD!!!

  11. @whoosh90 – i like getting to know you more. and therefore, YOU SHOULD BLOG MORE! :))and ii never knew it was a girl until she grew up! and now she’s dead. they’re eating her right now. i’m not eating lunch. there is no way in hell i am going to eat rambo. :(and yes, i did have it coming hehe

  12. @Aa_bEbE_pHaT_aA – I have blogged!!! You haven’t commented though *sniffle*!Hahahaha I guess all chicks look yellow and fluffy XP. I think most chicks are female though (._.);;, I mean…roosters would be damn noisy to raise hahaha XD. SERIOUSLY!??! THEY KILLED RAMBO!?!?! >_<;; I’m really sorry I really am :/…

  13. @whoosh90 – are you sure?no, i think all chicks look a like and you’ll only realize that they’re male or female when they grow up. unless you know how to look at they’re private parts :>yeah, it’s ok. i still have my jumper 😀

  14. @Aa_bEbE_pHaT_aA – I know they look alike, I was being stupid and thought there were more female chickens. But it’s not true, just all the male ones are eaten I think o_o;;. And yeah small animals’ private parts are weird I don’t get them -_-;; when I look at my chinchillas they all look the same downstairs hahaha XD.Ehh? Jumper? As in you had two chickens? Or jumper as in wooly piece of clothing as I first thought o_o;;.

  15. @whoosh90 – jumper is my rabbit! 😀 heheand yeah, i used to have hamsters right and i could not figure out what they were to save my life. it is sooo confusing! :))are you sure they kill just the male chickens?!!? i don’t think so!!

  16. @Aa_bEbE_pHaT_aA – Hahahaha that’s so cute! You should totally get another rabbit and name it Thumper :3!YEAH IKR! I looked before and the guys had like this dangly thing and two ball things…and then I looked at the girl and I was like WTF ITS THE SAME??!?!?! I was so confused (._.);;.Mmm…well…I thought so! Since male chickens don’t have much use, female ones can lay eggs but one male can fertilize a lotta female chickens?

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