kill her before i do

ok, i hate my sister. no, i think i hate the fact that she was born in this timezone more. this time when i am in a stage in my life where it is cruicially essential that i hog the computer at ALL times. fuck pokemon, you know?!


anyways, halloween update:

me and chab are soo last year but hey, can you hate us for that? yeah, we went as fairy princesses. lol.

trick or treating this year was basically bati. it wasn’t like last year where every house had a party and there were tonsa people. this year – it was kinda quiet. not much kids to scare the fuck out of either. haha. ken :p

drinking started aroudn i don’t know. i soo hate keith for giving me that shot of tanduay. i know that was more than a shot, dude! lol.

i guess it started getting exciting once everyone else was drunk but yeah, guess who’s grounded? :>

i like the almost drunk issa. i like her a lot. lol

amen, amen

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