kissing in the rain

the ever magical word for today is:
“pero, ok rana”
aye, sentence mana. whatever

today was fun, fun, fun! like, disregarding the drama and everything.. but consider that one bit the cherry on top of a wonderful hapit na gyud intawn na human ang school year thing. huh? yeah.

anyways, i don’t think you all know this but, today was like our suppossed-to-be-big-but-ended-up-being-little-but-not-so-bad -end-of-summer beach thing.and yeah, duh. lingaw gyud ii’m eaving out te drama and the exact details. you’re never safe on the net. lol

anyways, ultimate camwhoring which will be posted on my multiply, and yeah. hehe

im stupid. and crazy. but *************************, baby. lol

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