Korean Dining in Cebu, Kimstaurant @ The Greenery (with menu)

Over the past years, we’ve been noticing a distinct growth of Korean restaurants in the Metro. While it’s easy to fall in love with the unlimited meat offerings that many of these establishments have to offer, Paolo and I still found ourselves talking about how we haven’t really experienced the other side of K-dining. Obviously, they don’t just eat Samgyupsal all day… or do they? *someone send me to Korea so I can verify*

But with this notion, I was set on bringing Paolo to Kimstaurant, a popular Korean brand from the shores of Bacolod which had just opened at the Gallery in Mabolo. I was previously invited to their media launch and so I was confident in bringing Paolo there because it was obviously “Issa approved”. I had gone back several occasions which I fully documented on my Instagram stories (follow me @issaplease).

There are a lot of things I love about Kimstaurant, as it has slowly become my favorite Korean resto’s- I love their staff, their amazing service, I love their interiors and I love their food. It’s so worth the visit!



side dishes

Kimchi Bokkembob- P280.00

FAVE! Japchae – P 300.00

Beef Galbi Jjim – choice of either spicy or regular braised short beef ribs – P400.00/ P750.00

Yukhoe – Korean style raw beef with egg – P750.00

Also try their Haemul Pajeon- it’s the best, possibly the only, mixed seafood pancake we’ve had in Cebu. It is soo good!

I’ve never been good with words when it came to describing food but I would highly recommend Kimstaurant to anyone who’s looking for quality Korean food. They import their ingredients straight from Korean so you can rest assure that you’re getting the cream of the crop with every visit.

For reservations, call +639459885541.

Operating hours are from 11:00 am- 11:00 pm with unlimited Samgyupsal, Deji Galbi & Kosal from 11:00 am – 2:00 pm


See you there!

Issa P.

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