Lesson Learned

Do not pinch a man’s balls when you’re mad- as great as it is for you, it could get you kicked out of the house! HAR. :>

Do turn on the exhaust after every dump and it also doesn’t hurt to bring in a can of Lysol with you. It shows that you are thoughtful.

Do not talk to yourself openly. Some people find that weird. It also gets kind of weird when the person you’re NOT talking to joins in on the conversation and throws you completely off track, making you forget what you wanted to tell yourself in the first place.

Do cheat on SimCity BuildIt but make sure someone else does it before you so you can assure it works. If and when you have to be that person, come up with a good wager in case it back fires.

Do NOT, I repeat, DO NOT tell anyone you cheated. To ensure full secrecy, make sure your biggest competition cheats as well. This is your new deepest, darkest secret. hihihi. $$$$

Do thank Paolo for doing all these nice things for you even if he shouldn’t cuz you just squeezed the living day lights out of his nuts. He’s a sweetheart and we intend to keep him. Even if he very rudely interrupts me when I’m having conversations with well… myself!

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