Let The Mayhem Begin

Who says you can’t re-wear event shirts? I definitely never did!
Especially if they’re as cute as this!

Let The Mayhem Begin Official Afterparty shirt: Isabel Cui & Co.

Gold flats: Gap

Was particulary stumped between wearing this cute necklace that I recently bought. This battle literally went on for 5 minutes straight and until now I can’t decide whether I made the right decision of not going to work in it.
I figured the length of my necklace did not match the plunge of my top so I opted to skip it. But the pictures speak otherwise.
Seriously, there has got to be bigger problems than this. lol.
Would you have worn it?
Accessories: The Bead Shop & Aizilym Ent.

In other news, we’ll be shooting our 2nd episode of The Cooking Fashionistas very soon.
Is there anything we could fancy you with? 🙂
Let us know!

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