lies, lies and more lies

my dad is gay. and soo out of place.

issadog_102890 (1/1/2002 12:35:24 AM): a boy is coming over tomorrow
daaady Chua (1/1/2002 12:37:03 AM): who is this boy thats coming over?
daaady Chua (1/1/2002 12:38:05 AM): tell me about this boy and WHY he’s coming over
issadog_102890: haha
issadog_102890: his name is james balagosa
issadog_102890: and he’s coming over to pick up his ipod
issadog_102890: we’ve been churchmates for 11 years
issadog_102890: and i think he’s courting me <– lie numero uno
issadog_102890: HAHAH
daaady Chua: so after he picks up his ipod, he’s leaving, right?
daaady Chua: how come you have his ipod?
issadog_102890: because he asked me to upload songs
issadog_102890: and idk with mommy. sila man nag sabot. maybe he’ll have dinner
daaady Chua: ahhh.. his excuse
daaady Chua: that’s just his excuse so he can come see you
daaady Chua: next time he can upload it himself
issadog_102890: well at least he’s coming over sa house.
issadog_102890: thats’s what mommy wants man
issadog_102890: we’re family friends man sad
issadog_102890: so mommy’s ok with him <- is she?!
issadog_102890: he jus has to do everything in a christian way
daaady Chua: ic
daaady Chua: sush, when you’re out with your friends, be safe always k?
daaady Chua: no drinking or hanging out with those who drinks
issadog_102890: yeah
issadog_102890: we usually have coffee raman at starbucks after dinner <– i’ve never even had coffee with my friends!
daaady Chua: do any of your friends drink?
issadog_102890: and then papa picks me up at wherever it is i’m at
daaady Chua: aw ok
issadog_102890: sometimes but only during private parties <– If paseo is where you have private parties then, YEAH!  
daaady Chua: dont be riding with anybody who drinks k?
issadog_102890: yeah.
issadog_102890: i don’t drink man <– HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
daaady Chua: thats good sush
issadog_102890: but i’ll start drinking when i’m 18 na gyud <- AND YOU CAN’T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT CUZ YOU’RE IN RICHARDSON, YOU DOPE!
daaady Chua: we’ll think about it <- think your ass
daaady Chua: what does your mom say about that?
issadog_102890: about drinkin?
issadog_102890: i drink with her man
issadog_102890: the only times i drink are when i’m wit her <– HAHA. partially true. but not really
daaady Chua: ic
daaady Chua: what do you drink?
issadog_102890: wine lang <- cuz i’m rich! HAHAHA. EWK.
issadog_102890: haha
daaady Chua: sush, its 2 na. tulog sa ko ha?
issadog_102890: ok, dad
issadog_102890: gnight
daaady Chua: ill talk to you tomorrow nalang
daaady Chua: gnite sush
issadog_102890: ok, dad
issadog_102890: bye
daaady Chua: luv u
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