Life is Short and So Am I

Here I am on a regular Friday afternoon in my pretty full length skirt…

WOAH! What just happened there??

Hi guys! Here’s a quick tip on transforming a full length skirt into a short pencil skirt. It’s perfect for those formal events and crazy after parties with the girls! And all you have to do is just tuck- tuck- and tuck in like there’s no tomorrow. [Ok, it is so much less complicated than I just made it sound]

Here we go:

Step 1:
Fold your full length skirt upwards half way

Step 2:
Pull the skirt [by it’s hem] to one side
Step 3:
Tuck it in according to your preference.Pulling it to the side gives a quick and timeless draping effect that I’m all about. What I love about this little trick is that I can adjust the length or the skirt and play with different styles. So no one can tell that I’m wearing the same skirt every time. Well, kind of. 🙂

[Top: SM Department Store| Full length chiffon skirt: CAFA Students c/o Yssa Erasga| Heels: Parisian]

What do you think about this little trick?


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