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Happy Productive Monday, everyone! I’ve only been through half the day but I feel like I’ve done a weeks worth of work already!

When dealing with manic Mondays like this, I like to make sure that I’m comfortable while running around the city making deliveries and having meetings in between. Since I acquired these hand me down shoes from my not-so-baby brother, life got so much easier. And fashionable!

One sure way to make any article of clothing stand out is by sticking to a monotone outfit, allowing your highlighted piece to stick out. I’m not even going to state the obvious anymore…







“Mondays, you suck!” (jk. I actually like Mondays)

Top: Forever21| Shoes: Nike

Dedicating this post to my Papa and brother who are both in the States probably playing basketball and are plotting to catch a GSW game without me and of course, to my Meow for always interrupting my shoots. Now, you are finally in one. <3

Photography: Jing Pascual



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  1. Hi Iss!! Can’t help but notice your glasses! lol if you don’t mind me asking, from what store did you get it and what’s the brand of it exactly? 🙂 hehe Thanks :*

    1. Hi Kat! haha. For some reason, people keep asking me about my glasses gyud! :)) It’s just an optical store brand (EO optical near Sunnies by Charlie) and the brand is Taylor. I initially thought it was a Taylor Swift brand but I guess it’s not really since I got it for a little less than a thousand lang. HAHA

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